Grendel (45t)
Model by Primus
This 'Mech, tagged Grendel by Inner Sphere soldiers who encountered it, was among the first clan units to enter the Kozice Valley and engage the ComStar defenders on Tukayyid. The Grendel's reliance on energy-based weapons, especially in its primary configuration, simplified initial supply problems for Clans Diamond Shark and Smoke Jaguar, allowing their units to range far into the field. Had these 'Mechs been properly supported, they could have done extensive damage to the Com Guards' lines. The wide range of weapons featured in all configurations of the Grendel make the 'Mech an excellent choice for battling an unknown enemy. As a recon 'Mech or raider, the design performs extremely well. In the stand-and-slug-it-out fighting style common to the Clans, however, the 'Mech fares less well than some others of its type that can more easily close and deliver a knockout punch. To date the Grendel has appeared only among the Diamond Sharks and the Smoke Jaguars. Though they appear to make heavy use of it, it remains to be seen if this 'Mech is as common among these specific Clans as it seems or if it saw particularly heavy action on Tukayyid.