Gargoyle (80t)
Model by Peer Risch
& Primus BuS
With exceptional speed for an assault 'Mech and the ability to dissipate great amounts of heat in a short time, the Gargoyle (Inner Sphere designation: Man o' War) is a threat to enemy assault 'Mechs and smaller machines that can normally outdistance a 'Mech this size. In most configurations and on most missions, the Gargoyle confronts enemy 'Mechs directly at medium and close range. Carrying almost all of its firepower in its arm mounted weapon pods in all configurations, the Gargoyle is a versatile design, requiring little time to change from one version to another. Though more often seen among Clan Wolf forces than those of the other Clans, the Gargoyle has played important roles across the entire invasion front. Its combination of speed and firepower makes it an excellent complement to various other OmniMechs.