Images by Primus

What you can see here is what I consider some of my finest creations. 'Mechs from Mechwarrior 4 already look great, and creating Lego models based on those designs almost guarantees good results. I started with the Vulture, a model actually based on the much larger "UCS Vulture" I built earlier. It was followed by three Mad Cats I built simultaniously. In order to complete a Clan "star" of 5 'Mechs I replaced all red Lego pieces at my older Puma/Adder with blue elements. Blue and gray has always been a great combination since the time of Classic Space. I added dark grey and yellow highlights to my color scheme, as well as black for arms and guns. I feel this combination becomes the models, and it allows me to use a larger variety of elements. Not every Lego-pieces exists in every color ... I started creating more color-matched models, but soon I ran out of parts ... well, 2 months and at least 15 bricklink-orders later my work was done. Of the 15 'Mechs, only Puma and Blood Asp were not entirely new. Actually I had to paint a few parts on the Blood Asp (in case you were wondering where I got the blue 10x10 domes from). I also planned on switching pieces on my older Nova Cat, but I realized I would have to replace virtually everything, so I just built a new Nova Cat. Using this opportunity, I also did some changes to the new Nova Cat to make it closer to the MW4-variant; a shorter torso, a larger belly, a hunched back and new guns on the right arm.

Assault Star: Primus' Sword
Heavy Star: Primus' Shield
Light Star: Primus' Vision