Your Primus isn't only a fan of Battletech, but of STAR WARS as well. Surprised? :) Granted, there are starships in Battletech too, but they somehow lack ... appeal. Anyway, I wanted to find my 1-meter long LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer some company, fitting in scale of course. More company than the lonely Correlian Corvette provides that comes with the set, that is. A quick search at Brickshelf turned up a decent model with handy building instructions: the Carrack Class light cruiser from the REBELLION computer game, designed and built to "ISD-scale" by Reto Geiger. I built it, and I wanted more. Particularly an Imperial Strike Cruiser from mentioned game. Unfortunately it's shape proved tricky to build with LEGO and designing the model took me longer than I thought, so I finished candidate #2 from my wishlist first, the Nebulon-B Escort Frigate. Model no#3 is the small Lancer-Frigate, again from Star Wars Rebellion, no#4 the Dominator-class imperial heavy cruiser. All models are in ISD-scale, of course. In case you wish to build the Nebulon-B Frigate, get the DAT-file here or use the building instructions (images in jpg-format) from my Brickshelf-Gallery.