Galahad (60t)
Model by Peer Risch
Edited by Primus BuS

Armed with twin Gauss cannon, this 60-ton clan BattleMech offers excellent striking power but lacks the armor to take the punishment a larger 'Mech should withstand. As a result, the Galahad is assigned almost exclusively to fire support missions, out of the way of direct combat. The Gauss cannon represent the main advantage of the Galahad, especially the 'Mech's dreaded ability to flip those weapons over and bring all its fire power to bear in the rear arc in the same manner as the Rifleman. Most MechWarriors discount the Galahad's rear firing arc because its rear armor is very thin. While this is still largely true, detractors sometimes forget that this 'Mech is about fire- support, in particular against airborne targets.
The Galahad is a good example of design meeting intent, and the rotating weapons allow the pilot to track a target quickly and efficiently. While this 'Mech is unpopular as a unit assignment for trueborn warriors, it appears to be a favorite for honor duels where a 'Mech must battle an aerofighter. The Galahad is a common sight to raiding forces, because it provides the first line of air defense on the ground for most garrison units. MechWarriors from the Inner Sphere especially respect this design, having found to their cost that an attacker cannot always close quickly enough to overpower the Galahad's relatively light armor.
The Gauss cannon-armed variant is common among the Wolf Clan garrison units. Even though providing fire support is an unpopular assignment, the Galahad can bring enough firepower to bear on a target to kill the opposing 'Mech and thereby gaining honor quite likely.