Flea (20t)
from MW4 Mercenaries
Model by Primus
Formerly rare in the Inner Sphere, the Flea has been appearing in increasing numbers in the past decade, mostly in the regiments of the mercenary unit Wolf's Dragoons, which have been rebuilding since the devastation of the Fourth Succession War and may now exceed their former strength. Earthwerks Incorporated appears to be producing a version incorporating recovered technology, perhaps under exclusive contract to the Dragoons.
This model takes advantage of its lighter endo steel structure to replace the earlier Flea's medium lasers with more potent medium pulse lasers. Because the Dragoons use the Flea far more often in a reconnaissance role than as an antipersonnel 'Mech, Earthwerks dropped the pair of SperryBrowning machine guns, replacing them with Myomer Accelerator Signal Circuitry. Though dangerous to use, the MASC technology is sometimes the only way for the Flea to escape a bad situation because it lacks the speed and jumping ability of many other light 'Mechs.