Firemoth (20t)
Model by Primus BuS
As smaller brother of the clan Mist Lynx, the Firemoth (codenamed Dasher by the Royal KungsArme because of its incredible burst of speed) is unlike any every produced in the Inner Sphere, during the Star League era or since. It carries a load of weapons that is ample for a light Mech produced in the Inner Sphere, despite being smaller then any other Clan Mech yet seen in the field. An excellent reconnaissance Mech because of its quick pace, the Firemoth can get out of a tight spot by engaging its Moymer Accelerator Signal Circuitry. Its armor is thing but the Firemoth is so fast that its difficult to hit. The Firemoth is one of the less common Clan designs, not in general use because of the specialized roles it plays. It is seen most frequently amont the forces of Clan Ghost Bear, who favor it over other reconnaissance Mechs.