Fire Falcon (25t)
Model by Primus BuS
The Fire Falcon is a Clan OmniMech, seen sporadically among the Jade Falcons. They appear to be evaluating this 'Mech as a replacement for the Koshi, over which the Fire Falcon has many advantages: superior ground speed, frontal armor and heavier weapons. However, the Fire Falcon also suffers significant disadvantages. It does not include an active probe as part of its standard equipment, and its lack of jump jets impairs its mobility. Paper-thin rear armor also makes the Fire Falcon particularly vulnerable to infantry heavy weapons. None of these characteristics are desirable in a reconnaissance vehicle, which by the nature of its mission often runs into ambushes of camouflaged infantry and combat vehicles. The Fire Falcon is being deployed more frequently along Clan Jade Falcon's border with the Lyran Alliance, always accompanying Black Lanner OmniMechs. None have been reported in the forces of any other Clan.