Fafnir (100t)
Model by Primus

Burrowing heavily from the Atlas, the Fafnir epitomizes the Lyran philosophy of size and strength rather than finesse. With almost twenty tons of armor, the design is impervious to all but the heaviest - or luckiest - shots. A sophisticated Guardian ECM suite adds to the 'Mechs defenses. The principle armament is a pair of "Hammerfist" heavy Gauss rifles. These massive weapons, nicknamed "Thor's Hammer", combine range and firepower to deadly effect and, despite the system's drawbacks, are extremely popular in the LAAF. The greatest criticism leveled at the design is its over-reliance on the Hammerfist, with only a pair of extended range medium lasers and a single pulse laser to defend the 'Mech if it exhausts its ammunition. Prototype Fafnirs were deployed to pro-Katherine units throughout the Lyran Alliance, where it has replaced older designs like the Banshee and Zeus. There, the design has found a home among assault units, particularly those assigned to breach enemy lines and fortifications. Pilots throughout the LAAF have given the Fafnir the nickname of "Mugger", because of its combination of simplicity and brutality.