Enforcer III (50t)
Model by Primus BuS
The Enforcer has long been the workhorse medium-weight 'Mech for the Federated Suns and, later, the Federated Commonwealth. Considered a Davion design, the Enforcer is one of the most recognized 'Mechs in the AFFC. Its history as a Davion 'Mech made it an obvious choice for experiments with technology newly developed or salvaged from the clans, like the ultra 10-autocannon. Because the design changes from the earlier Enforcer were minimal, the new Enforcer III design is rapidly finding placement in numerous units along Federated Commmonwealth borders. Publicity has been heavy for the new design and its counterpart, the Jagermech III. Posters bearing the image of the new Enforcer, along with the phrase "Upgraded for more enforcement" have become commonplace throughout the Commonwealth.