Enfield (50t)
Model by Primus BuS
House Davion's armed forces discovered the plans for the Enfield in the rubble of an engineering library on the planet Achernar in 2870. Unfortunately, the warring Great Houses had by that time lost the ability to build the advanced LB 10-X autocannon, the endo steel chassis, and the XL engine. Not until almost two centuries later did the Inner Sphere regain the knowledge necessary to build this Star League-era 'Mech design. Just a few years ago the Federated Commonwealth licensed Blackstone BattleMechs to produce the Enfield, and by July of 3055 Blackstone BattleMechs had delivered the first of the new 'Mechs to units stationed along what is now the border between the Lyran Alliance and Clan-held space. The 'Mech is named for the famous rifle of ancient Terra. Designed to supplement the Enforcer as a medium fire-support 'Mech, the Enfield performs its intended mission excellently. Note: This is the variant of the Enfield appearing in Mechcommander 2. It is different from the original design in several aspects.