Dragonfly (40t)
Model by Primus BuS

Earning its name from its erratic and swift movement, and also from its relative lack of firepower compared to other Clan 'Mechs, the Dragonfly is no less a nuisance to the Inner Sphere than its more powerful brethren. It has solid armor protection, double heat sinks, and excellent speed and jumping ability. With any of its weapons arrangements, the Dragonfly can cause trouble for an enemy and then leave the field to fight another day. In its standard configuration, the Dragonfly appears to try to accomplish too much with too little capacity. Mounting short-range missiles and medium pulse lasers as its main weapons, this version of the Dragonfly lacks the range advantage of most Clan 'Mechs. Though its speed and maneuverability can get the Dragonfly into close range quickly, its armor and armament are insufficient to fight pitched battles with other medium 'Mechs. The Dragonfly is in common use only among the Ghost Bears. That Clan's preference for this comparatively weak design may be partly responsible for their relative lack of success compared to the other Clans. As a specialty 'Mech, however, the Dragonfly has its uses; the Ghost Bears' only mistake is overusing a 'Mech that is better suited for specialized roles and missions.