Dragon (60t)
Model by Primus BuS
In the first years of the Kerensky Protectorate, the lackluster performance of the aging SHD-LR Shadow Hawk against newer designs made apparent the need to replace it. In a League-wide contest, the Luthien Armor Works submitted its Dragon design and promptly lost the contract to the upgraded Shadow Hawk, the 2H. In 2754, however, House Kurita quietly commissioned a number of Dragons to serve as the basis for the Combine's private army until the dissolution of the Star League. With its high speed capability and better-than average firepower, the Dragon is intended as a close assault vehicle. The 'Mech's overall squat shape makes it both a small target for weapons and a difficult opponent to knock to the ground in a brawl. The 'Mech's thickly armored torso, especially its back, also gives the Dragon the ability to take considerable punishment when surrounded by the enemy, a common occurrence. Even the normally delicate autocannon is placed within a thick protective sleeve that absorbs some of the shock when the Dragon punches with that arm. A company of approaching Kurita Dragons is a common sight on Successor State battlefields. The ruling Kurita family, especially Lord Takashi, has been reorganizing its regiments by replacing heavy 'Mechs like Warhammers and BattleMasters with the more plentiful Dragons.