Dervish (55t)
Model by Primus

Long the plodding workhorse of Successor States' ground forces, the DV-6M Dervish was the last 'Mech designed to serve the Star League in large numbers. Its role on the battlefield is as a poor man's Archer. Its LRM-10 and SRM-2 allows it to provide quick fire support where needed, freeing larger 'Mechs for other duties. The Dervish's jump jets make up in mobility for what the 'Mech lacks in armor. Though the Dervish is primarily a fire-support 'Mech, it can hold its own in a physical fight against lighter 'Mechs. Much maligned as a dull fighting vehicle, the Dervish does possess several noteworthy features.
The two sets of LRM-10s are deeply embedded in the 'Mech's torso (rather than exposed as on the Archer or Crusader), which ensures good protection for the missile systems and controls. The small two-shot SRMs are completely self-contained, along with their fifty rounds of ammunition, within the 'Mech's paddle-like hands. This placement allows the SRM to be aimed quickly without having to move the entire 'Mech. In the event that the pilot does run out of ammo for his missiles, the Dervish's two medium lasers ensure that he will always have something to fight with.
The jump jets, originally an afterthought, have also proved their worth time after time, giving the Dervish the mobility to exploit the surrounding terrain and the capability of closing quickly with an opponent. The jump jets also allow the Dervish pilot to jump out of tight situations.
The Dervish's major drawback is its mediocre armor. It is well-armored enough to handle the attacks of small to medium weapons, but cannot cope with the increasingly lethal weapons found on today's battlefield. There have been many attempts to upgrade the armor, but they have all compromised the 'Mech's simple design.

Source: Technical Readout 3025
2 LRM-10 Missile Racks
2 Medium Lasers
2 SRM-2 Missile Racks