Dart (25t)
Model by Peer Risch
Edited by Primus
After the Commando and the Valkyrie were designated as the standard light BattleMechs for the Federated Commonwealth, several battle reports have suggested that the high amounts of ammunition aboard these 'Mechs limit their effectiveness in tight combat situations. Coventry Metal Works, in an obvious public relations move, suggested a new design to the Federated Commonwealth military for their consideration. Much to Coventry's suprise, the Office of Procurement accepted the design and ordered immediate construction. The Dart is a fast 'Mech equipped with three Magna small pulse lasers as its weaponry. In the fast-strike mentality that pervades the upper echelon of the Federated Commonwealth military, this design will be used primarily in raids on Clan supply depots and in actions to cut off frontline Clan 'Mechs from their supply lines. When more of the Dart 'Mechs become available, they will also serve in scouting missions.
The three small pulse lasers were chosen because of their accuracy in short-range situations. The Dart's 3.5 tons of armor provides ample protection from small Clan 'Mechs and Elementals. The 'Mech also has a remarkable speed of 151 kph, making it faster than any known Commando variant in existence.