Crossbow (65t)
Model by Primus

Clan Steel Viper originally developed the Crossbow after Viper warriors captured several members of Clan Snow Raven's scientist caste in a Trial of Possession. They set the Snow Raven scientists to work with their own technical engineers and, using Snow Raven expertise developed an excellent missile-carrying OmniMech. The Crossbow and its sister 'Mech, the Battle Cobra, mount weapons pods only in their arms, with no additional weaponry - a striking contrast with other Clan OmniMechs. Similar in many ways to the Star League-era Longbow, the Crossbow has a more rounded shape and a sleeker overall appearance. Though its short, squat profile lacks elegance, the 'Mech's reliable and punishing performance makes the Crossbow a favorite among second-line Clan warriors, and its shape has become a familiar one to Inner Sphere MechWarriors after extensive confrontations with it in combat. The Crossbow has earned a fierce reputation, especially in Configuration B, which is used for close-support fighting.
The Crossbow was developed specifically to deliver a missile-based offensive, a rare goal within the Clans. This 'Mech has given Clan Steel Viper MechWarriors a unique edge in several trials. Several Stars of the elite Viper Guards make heavy use of the Crossbow, combining it with Elemental Points to devastating effect in close combat.