Cougar (35t)
Model by Ron Perovich & Primus BuS
Following her Clan´s trial of refusal against Clan Wolf in 3057, Khan Marthe Pryde of Clan Jade Falcon wanted to bring new and deadly Omnimechs to the field of battle. Rather than building a new Omnimech from the ground up, she assigned the scientist caste the job of modifying a proven design into an even deadlier war machine. Beginning with a stock chassis from a Clan Adder ( designated Puma by IS Forces ), Clan Jade Falcon scientists managed to field a virtually new design, code-named the Cougar, in roughly half the time normally required to construct and test a new Omni- mech. The Cougar has more pod-space to allow for a greater variety of larger weap- ons, giving it an immense potential as a rapid-deployment, indirect fire platform.