Chameleon (50t)
Model by Primus
Manufactured since the early 2500's, the Chameleon is best know as the premier training 'Mech for hundreds of thousands of Inner Sphere MechWarriors and served as the SLDF's training 'Mech for more than a hundred years. The Chameleon was the training vehicle for would-be pilots of fast, jump-capable medium and light 'Mechs. Its weapons, though average by battlefield standards, are well suited to the abilities of a relatively green pilot. A large laser and two medium lasers comprise the 'Mech's heavy firepower, while three small lasers and two machine guns help the new recruit fend off infantry attacks.Though the Clan invasion has prompted many manufacturers to step up production of front-line 'Mechs, the Chameleon is still being produced in record numbers. These new Chameleons are being manufactured for the military acadamies, many of which have expanded their training programs to accomadate the flood of applicants interested in becoming MechWarriors. The standard Chameleon 7V serves in MechWarrior acadamies throughout the Inner Sphere and the periphery. The new combat variants of the Chameleon have yet to see action.