Catapult (65t)
Model by Ron Perovich
Edited by Primus

The CPLT-CL Catapult was produced by Hollis Incorporated in a limited production run between 2571 and 2573 under a special military contract with the Star League. It was officially classified as a close-support vehicle, designed as a second-line defensive 'Mech with strong offensive capabilities. The Catapult's two Holly LRM-15 racks give it a firing range of roughly 630 meters, enabling it to destroy an enemy 'Mech from a long distance without risking opposing fire. When engaged at close range, the Catapult can use its four Martell medium lasers to devastating effect. Because it was designed for second-line rather than front-line fire support, the Catapult lacks effective anti-infantry defenses. The Catapult's ejection seat fires through a side-firing escape hatch instead of the more common roof hatch.

Source: Technical Readout 3025
2 Holly Long-Range Missile 15 Racks
4 Martell Medium Lasers