Caesar (70t)
Model by Primus BuS

Although the Federated Commonwealth's new CES-3R Caesar was modeled after a captured Capellan Cataphract, most military analysts recognize the Caesar as a distinct BattleMech design in its own right. The Caesar incorporates the latest advances in BattleMech technology in its armor and weaponry as well. Ten and a half tons of armor provide the Caesar with ample protection, while a torso-mounted Gauss rifle gives the 'Mech deadly striking power. Additionally, the supporting weaponry in the Caesars arsenal comprises some the most advanced offensive systems available in the Inner Sphere today. The high speed long-range particle projection cannon is so new that the Federated Commonwealth has yet to battle-test the weapon, which has performed beyond its designers' expectations in factory trials. And the Caesar's four state-of-the-art torso- and arm-mounted Sutel Precision Line medium pulse lasers provide additional front and rear firepower.