Buccaneer (55t)
Model by Primus

After their arrival on Gibson, the Word of Blake armed forces had far more pilots than 'Mechs. To solve this problem. Precentor Martial Trent Arian called for the mass production of several new 'Mech designs using materials produced in the Free Worlds League. One design rushed into production was the Buccaneer, a prototype ComStar 'Mech that had yet to be manufactured on Terra. After a swift redesign to accommodate League produced parts, the 'Mech went through an accelerated trial program and entered production in late 3055. Intended for close combat in cities and other restricted terrain, the Buccaneer carries a hatchet in its left hand. This weapon, built around an ultra-dense core of depleted uranium, allows the Buccaneer to severely damage opponents within arm's reach. A battery of lasers and an Irian Weapon Works 60mm SRM launcher provide additional close-in support. The Buccaneer's major long-range weapon, a Diverse Optics Sunbeam extended-range large laser, makes overheating a problem, but compensates for this with its ability to do damage at long distances.

Source: Technical Readout 3050
1 SRM-6 Launcher with Artemis IV
1 ER Large Laser
4 Medium Laser
1 Medium Pulse Laser