Brigand (25t)
Model by Primus

Lean and mean, this "LDT-1 Brigand" BattleMech is cobbled together by the pirates of Haven Star Cluster using a basic design, locally produced armor, and a great deal of contraband. The LDT designation is accepted as the initials of "Lady Death" Trevaline, pirate queen of the Star Cluster and the admitted driving force behind this project. Authorities are currently at odds over which are the worst implications - that the 'Mech design demonstrates a threat as is, or that the pirates are getting organized enough to put together any machine at all. The LDT-1 makes a few stabs at higher technology. It relies on an endo-steel skeleton - fortunately for the pirates, it is one that is extremely accessible. The GM 150 fusion engine - salvaged or stolen - is more common. The inclusion of double heat sinks nods at the idea of function over necessity. The Pirates realized up front that they would be attacking more often on their own terms. Because of that, while the Brigand may have a high-end running speed of less than 100kph, it makes up for it in offensive firepower. A pair of ER medium lasers (stolen in a large shipment from the Free Worlds League) allows them to snipe at decent range while the Sutel pulse lasers (New Syrtis specials, courtesy of Georg Hasek's previous quartermaster now serving twenty years) makes the Brigand a dangerous in-fighter. If the Brigand has an obviozus weakness, it is the four tons of armor that wraps the machine in a thin shell. Even worse, Lady Death has specified that the Brigand will carry less than half a ton of protection in the rear space. She is reportedly quoted as saying, "if my jocks are in a fight, I damn-straight want them scrapping, not taking to their heels."