Bloodhound (45t)
Model by Primus

Grown wary of his resurgent neighbor and one-time ally, Marik set in motion a program aimed at boosting the forces along the Free World League's shared border with the Capellan Confederation. Given the guerilla warfare style of Capellan tactics, a call for a purpose-built anti-guerilla unit went out. Earthwerk's new Bloodhound counter-insurgency BattleMech entered service in 3064, barely a year after Marik's request. The Bloodhound boasts a top speed of 115 kph, carries close to the maximum amount of Durallex light standard armor for protection, complete with life - and 'Mech - saving CASE. Designed to hunt hidden guerilla units operating in remote areas, the Bloodhound carries a Beagle Active Probe System. A quartet of medium and small extended-range lasers spread over the torso and arms maximize its effective firing arc, while a supporting torso-mounted Streak 6-rack assures maximum battlefield duration and significant punch.