Black Lanner (55t)
Model by Primus BuS

The Black Lanner OmniMech was first sighted with the Jade Falcon Keshik during the Battle of Tukayyid. Fast for its weight class, the Black Lanner acts as a direct fire-support 'Mech for light reconnaissance Stars. The majority of the various configurations sighted mount primarily long-range weapons, though other configurations equipped mainly with close-range weapons have also been spotted. The Black Lanner is currently deployed only with the Jade Falcon Clan. Its deployment scheme derives from the bird for which it is named-a Terran falcon from the Mediterranean region. The lanner was successfully transplanted to a Jade Falcon planet, where it developed a symbiotic hunting relationship with the smaller, indigenous fire falcon. Though the fire falcon was too small to bring down larger prey, it could see animals cowering in the ground cover far better than the larger lanner. The fire falcon learned to flush out larger game for the lanner to dispatch-then both birds would feed on the carcass. The Black Lanner and Fire Falcon OmniMechs hunt their prey on the battlefield in a similar way. Working in mixed Stars, Fire Falcons scout for hidden enemies and the supporting Black Lanner's attack.