Black Knight (75t)
Model by Primus BuS
The Star League Army introduced the Black Knight into service in 2578, designing the 'Mech to primarily serve the role of a company or battalion command unit. Its heavy armor gives the Black Knight the staying power needed to make it an ideal command 'Mech for front-line units, and its ample arsenal of weapons allows the 'Mech to effectively fill more aggressive combat assignments. The communications system originally installed in the Black Knight was state-of-the-art even by Star League standards. It effortlessly coordinated communications for an entire company at once, and could link together the command frequencies of a whole regiment if necessary. Because its targeting computer was directly tied into the Black Knight's sensors, the 'Mech's on-board computers were able to identify targets before the unit established line of sight. The centerpiece of the Black Knight's arsenal is the Magna Hellstar II particle projection cannon mounted on the outside of the right arm. The positioning of the weapon creates the impression that the Black Knight is wielding an immense sword made of lightning in the hundredths of a second it takes for the weapon to fully discharge.