Blackjack 2 (50t)
Model by Primus BuS
Luthien Armor Works received a license to manufacture the Blackjack from Ceres Metal Works in the St. Ives Compact, as part of the Combine’s newly implemented technology exchange program. The Draconis Combine manufacturer began producing the design it received for the BJ-2 version, but only a few examples of this ’Mech rolled off the assembly line before plant executives ended production and retooled the line to manufacture an OmniMech version: The BJ2-0 Blackjack. The new Blackjack can carry an impressive 26.5 tons of weapons and sensors, as much or more than many heavy ’Mechs. Its jump jets also make the Blackjack a maneuverable and dangerous opponent. In its primary configuration, this ’Mech is a deadly infighter: four medium lasers and two Ultra autocannons can throw out a barrage of energy beams and hypervelocity slugs that few enemy ’Mechs can withstand. As with other OmniMech designs, the Blackjack’s alternate configurations reflect the needs of specific missions. Because the Blackjack is being deployed primarily with Free Worlds League and Capellan Confederation units, the alternative configurations do not include any enhanced targeting, electronics or command-and-control systems. Specifically, the Free Worlds League armed forces appear to have decided that the additional space taken up by these devices can be put to better use increasing the ’Mech’s raw firepower.