Battlermaster (85)
Model by David Kerber
Hollis Industries began production of the BattleMaster in 2830. Designed to be the largest and most powerful 'Mech ever fielded by the Star League armies, the BLR-1G filled the bill. The firepower that the BattleMaster can generate in one volley is staggering and more than deadly at close range. The reliable Donall PPC is its main fire weapon, with the laser systems as close support fire. Even if the BattleMaster loses all its weapons, it still has its manipulative hands. In emergencies, it can disengage the Donal PPC in order to have both hands free. Though BattleMasters were not produced in great numbers, their sheer size, armor, and firepower have left many still functional despite the numerous battles they have fought in their nearly 200 years in the field. Further, the 'Mech's basic design has proved to be sound and reliable, with few flaws.