Battle Cobra (40t)
Model by Primus BuS

Like its sister 'Mech, the Crossbow, the Battle Cobra is unusual in Clan OmniMech design. Only the 'Mech's arms are equipped to accept weapon pods - its torso is unarmed. This design characteristic is used to date only by Clan Steel Viper, and the Battle Cobra is the centerpiece of this innovative design scheme. The Battle Cobra's main firepower is focused in energy-based weapons; primarily pulse lasers and PPCs. Battle Cobras are used primarily in light, fast scout or harasser Stars, fitting well into the Steel Viper's familiar hit-and-run tactics. During the Battle for Tukayyid, the 205th Viper Striker Cluster equipped a Trinary primarily with Battle Cobras, playing a key role in skirting the flanks of the Vipers' Com Guard opponents. At the end of the battle most of the Battle Cobras were still operational, a solid testimony to the effectiveness of their design. Rumor has it that ComStar recovered one of the fallen 'Mechs of this design and may be working on a similar model, but this rumor has not been confirmed.