Axeman II (65t)
Model by Primus BuS

Banzai Weapon Design's AXM-1 N Axeman, the bigger version of the Hatchetman, combines devastating firepower, excellent armor protection and good maneuverability in a single BattleMech design. Intended for widespread deployment throughout the Federated Commonwealth, the Axeman contains weapons and equipment from throughout Davion and Steiner space, as well as the Sarna March and the St. Ives Compact. Officially, this approach reflects an attempt by Banzai's designers to create a BattleMech that all of the Federated Commonwealth's MechWarriors can point to with pride, no matter what their regional loyalty-although some cynical observers believe the Axeman's designers are simply attempting to generate ample Federated Commonwealth contracts for the design by providing manufacturing work to numerous firms. Regardless of their intentions, Banzai's designers have created a superior 'Mech. The Axeman's signature arm-mounted hatchet provides the 'Mech with an intimidating and effective close-range weapon. The first version of the Axeman turned out to have serious problems with it's main weapon, the AC/20. Banzai replaced this weapon with two LRM-15 in the later, more boxy-looking Axeman II-version.