Avatar (70t)
Model by Primus BuS
Omnimech-legs my Ron Perovich

The Combine victory on Luthien in December of 3051 also won the DCMS numerous damaged Clan OmniMechs, many of which ended up at Luthien Armor Works for technical evaluation. The DCMS also elected to field some of the captured Clan ’Mechs, but soon discovered that units composed of Clan OmniMechs were excessively prone to problems and breakdowns because the DCMS lacked the technological expertise to maintain the complex Clan machines. Within two or three months, most DCMS units equipped with captured OmniMechs reported at least 50 percent of their ’Mechs unavailable for combat because of equipment failures.
The DCMS turned to Luthien Armor Works for a solution. The engineering team chose to rebuild the captured Clan ’Mechs using only those components that the DCMS could maintain and selected several captured Vultures for the first attempt. The engineers kept the Vulture's leg design, but replaced the engine. That change required them to redesign the ’Mech’s upper torso to fit the bulkier Inner Sphere engine. The designers also reworked other components, and eventually christened their new ’Mech the Avatar.The Avatar is currently being deployed in DCMS heavy ’Mech lances along the Clan border, and has also appeared in limited numbers with Com Star and Lyran Alliance forces.

Please note: this model has been designed after the miniature from Ral Partha, not after the Avatar as seen in the MW3-game, which looks slightly different.