Arctic Wolf (40t)
Model by Primus BuS
Clan Wolf-in-Exile has begun producing the Arctic Wolf BattleMech as a dry run for an OmniMech to be based on the same general design. In the meantime, its XL engine, double heat sinks and endo steel chassis promise to make the Arctic Wolf a favorite among the second-line units who will field this 'Mech. Loaded with SRMs, this BattleMech can rapidly close with an enemy and shower it with more than forty missiles. At nearly 120 kilometers per hour, the Arctic Wolf can quickly cross a battlefield while maintaining a low target-aspect ratio. The Arctic Wolf should be able to stop nearly any opposing ’Mech design with two to four carefully placed missile flights (including Narc support in at least one flight). If the missile flights are accurately calculated, this gives the Arctic Wolf the potential to destroy up to four other machines before needing reloads, an impressive claim.