War Dog (75t)
Model by Primus

The War Dog class BattleMech has been almost 300 years in the making. Originally designed for use by the SLDF, the plans and prototype chassis were removed from Terra shortly before the fall of the Star League. Only scant references to the design remained until 3052, when Snord's Irregulars, the Federated Commonwealth mercenary unit, captured a long-lost SLDF base in the Dark Nebula. The base, known as Camelot Command, has been undergoing refurbishing and refitting, serving as a FedCom raiding base despite several attacks by Clan Jade Falcon. During the refit, Snord's Irregulars recovered several chassis for the War Dog, as well as a complete set of blueprints. These were smuggled back to the Federated Commonwealth during a resupply run, resulting in an almost immediate start on production. The Irregular's commanding officer Rhonda Snord had the designs delivered to the Blackwell Corporation, the Wolf's Dragoon-sponsored firm on Outreach. The engineers at Blackwell realized the value of the design and began work on an extended production run of the War Dog.

The key to the success of this heavy 'Mech is its heavy armor protection. With more than twelve tons of ferro fibrous armor, the War Dog can weather the heavy firepower typical of an encounter with Clan forces. Added to this is the anti-missile system mounted on the forward right torso.

The firepower of the 'Mech is based on the Grizzard Gauss rifle, and supplemented by a Blankenburg large pulse laser. The War Dog also carries two medium pulse lasers for close-fire support. A small pulse laser is rear mounted on the head of this 'Mech for anti-Elemental support, the only modification to the original Star League design specifications. The War Dog carries a last-ditch weapons system in the two SRM Streak one-shot missile packs mounted on the legs of the 'Mech. One of the most distinctive features of this 'Mech is that its right arm has more armor protection than its left. This imbalance requires that a 'Mech pilot practice some gyro balancing, but it also offers exceptional protection to the War Dog's Gauss rifle, the most powerful weapon it mounts. Though the weapon arm is more heavily shielded, it appears roughly the same size and shape as its weaker companion.

The Blackwell Corporation has filled orders for War Dogs with every major Great House of the Inner Sphere and for a number of mercenary units. The Federated Commonwealth currently fields the largest number of War Dogs, with most assigned to the Federated Commonwealth/Clan Occupation Zone border.

Source: Technical Readout 3055
1 Large Pulse Laser
1 Gauss Rifle
2 Streak SRM-2 one-shot packs
2 Medium Pulse Lasers
1 Small Pulse Laser
Anti-Missile System