Templar (85t)
Model by Primus

Intended to take the place of some of the most venerable Inner Sphere assault 'Mechs, the Templar Omnimech makes the most out of new technologies, coupling them with time-tested off-the-shelf equipment. Not only did this bring development time and costs down, but considering its massive armor protection, the Templar is both a durable and easily repairable machine. The primary configuration, with its powerful Gauss rifles and strong array of lasers, is designed to command a battlefield. With the addition of the New Avalon Institute of Science's recently introduced advanced targeting system, this configuration is capable of defeating even the heaviest clan Omnimech The most common variant pairs an Ultra 10-type autocannon with an ER-PPC, again backed with the advanced targeting system. Added mobility is also provided with the addition of jump jets.

Source: Technical Readout 3067
40 tons of pod space availible