Shiva Omnifighter (85t)
Model by Primus
Work began on a League Omnifighter in the late 3050s, with the first prototype Shiva flying in 3058 and a production rolling off the lines two years later. Built with the aid of Word of Blake technicians, the design is cutting-edge. It exploits the technological and economic advantages of the League to craft a deadly and effective aircraft that lives up to its name - that of the multiarmed Hindu god of destruction.

Though marginally slower than aircraft of a similar mass, the Shiva has the capacity to carry a phenomenal array of weapons with over 50 tons of pod space for weapons and equipment. Critizism has been leveled at the design's relatively weak armor and the FWLM's puzzling lack of support for the design, with many weapons pods and maintenance kits being mysteriously lost by the logistics network. The main users of the OmniFighter are the Knights of the Inner Sphere and the Free Worlds Guards, though both the Fusiliers of Oriente and the Word of Blake Militia field several examples.