Scylla (100t)
Model by Primus

Khan Perigard Zalman's contentious decision to allow freeborn warriors into the Steel Viper military seems to have born fruit. Bolstered second-line units have taken over defensive operations, freeing front-line troops for offensive operations. Equipping these new units has been a challenge, but the Vipers were never ones to abandon a useful implement of war. In that tradition, the Vipers have revamped a number of old designs. Chief among these is the Golden Century-vintage Storm Giant that has been reborn as the Scylla, reentering service in 3062 with new weapons and electronics.

Like its progenitor, the 100-ton Scylla boasts a massive power plant that takes up over a quarter of the 'Mechs mass. The addition of quad jump jets and 15 tons of armor further bolster the Scylla's abilities. Unfortunately, this performance has a price - namely the 'Mechs weapon arrays. Though fearsome, they are little better than a design 30- or 40 tons lighter.

Source: Technical Readout 3067
2 LRM-20
1 LB 10-X Autocannon
1 ER Large Laser
2 ER medium Lasers