Sagittaire (95t)
Model by Primus

Although the Sagittaire saw production in mid-3063, Robinson's semi-isolationist policies with regard to the civil war kept the design out of the general militaries until much later. As the civil war progressed, however, the fighting took a nasty, personal turn for the worst. MechWarriors began to demand machines that were superior at point-blank range, whether for fighting in narrow streets or for brawls on the open no-man's land between cities. The Sagittaire was just such a design.

Lifters installed in the legs and centerline make the Sagittaire one of the relatively few assault 'Mechs with jumping capability, giving it a great deal of tactical flexibility. That, of course, doesn't take into account the psychological impact of watching a 95 ton BattleMech fly through the air upon intested warriors. If that wasn't enough, the Sagittaire mounts a heavy weapon configuration tied into one of the new Federated Suns targeting computers. A single ER PPC gives this 'Mech striking power from a distance. As ranges close, the Sagittaire ties in two large pulse lasers, a trio of medium pulse lasers and even a single small pulse laser. Two more medium pulse lasers are provided with rear-firing arcs for extra protection, though with eighteen tons of armor the need for such a stratagem is debatable. The Sagittaire's pulse-technology lasers combined with the targeting computer allow a MechWarrior to maintain a high rate of mobility and still hold an edge against most other BattleMechs. When keeping the Sagittaire's feet firmly planted on the ground, the design is simply devastating.

Source: Technical Readout 3067
2 Large Pulse Lasers
5 Medium Pulse Lasers (2 rear-firing)
1 Small Pulse Laser