Owens (35t)
Model by Primus

After analyzing the results of the Raptor's manufacturing and operational tests, the DCMS authorized production of a full line of Inner Sphere OmniMechs. The first Omni off the line was a simple copy of the Clan Black Hawk. The second was an improved version of the Jenner, which the DCMS christened the Owens. Unlike many Kurita 'Mechs, whose names come from their appearance, the Owens takes its name from its primary mission: the traditional cavalry role of screening and reconnaissance. The name comes from a Terran drinking song titled Gray Owens, a tune traditionally associated with cavalry units. It is interesting to note that the Draconis Combine, whose culture derives from the Oriental societies of Earth, found inspiration for the name of its new light OmniMech in a Western ditty. The DCMS began deploying the Owens in 3056.

The Owens represents design modifications and other changes based on reports of the experiences of DCMS troops operating the Raptor. The modular weapon containers were standardized and perfected for the Owens so that the weapons could operate with all future OmniMech designs. An interesting feature of the Owens is the amount of electronics it carries; the 'Mech has internal C3 networks, Beagle active probes, and TAG gear. This array indicates that the DCMS sees the Owens primarily as a recon 'Mech capable of finding and fixing the enemy with indirect fire from supporting elements while the main body moves against the enemy's flank.

The primary configuration uses small and medium lasers for self-defense, while LRM racks on the 'Mech's arms offer suppressive fire in indirect support of other units in the lance or company. Most of the other configurations carry assorted short-range weapons of incredible accuracy, though one version also mounts a heavy laser. The Owens rarely engages and destroys the enemy directly; instead, it uses its targeting and communications systems to assist heavier units in performing that task.

Source: Technical Readout 3067
7 tons of pod space availible
Primary configuration:
1 Medium Laser
2 Small Laser:
2 LRM/5