Naga (80t)
Model by Primus

Clan Wolf military boasts one of the few OmniMechs designed to take advantage of the Arrow IV artillery missile system. The Naga was developed more than a hundred years ago from the Woodsman, the precursor to today's Man O'War (Gargoyle). Designers extended the Woodman's torso to encompass two Arrow missile systems. The wide, sweeping corve of the new torso so reminded warriors of a cobra hood that they nicknamed the new OmniMech Naga, for a particularly venomous cobra from ancient myth. The Naga was developed to deliver a sustained barrage of artillery missiles. The OmniMech'S standard configuration bests fulfills this mission by carrying six tons of missiles, assuring that it will be able to support its Cluster mates through all but the longest battle. However, the standard configuration Naga is the most defenseless in a short-range battle, with only three small lasers to ward off any enemy that manages to close.

Nagas appear almost exclusively in Wolf Galaxy artillery stars and seldom see action because of the nature of the bidding process. The Naga serves mainly as artillery support, so most warriors shun it, leaving it to aging veterans or freebirth warriors. This disdain is one of the reasons Naga pilots are seldom allowed to outfit their OmniMech as they want, forced to pilot the near-defenseless standard version. Piloting a Naga brings no honor to the warrior, and reconfiguring an honorless weapon goes beyond a waste of time and materiel. Some reports state that Clan Wolf warriors at times deliberately left their accompanying Nagas unprotected to face Inner Sphere 'Mechs alone. It is a testament to the skill of the MechWarriors piloting the inferior Nagas (and to the Mech's sturdiness) that most survived those encounters.

Source: Technical Readout 3055
2 Arrow IV Missile Artillery Systems
7.5 tons pod space availible (including Arrow ammo)