Hollander II (45t)
Model by Primus

Faced with the superior range and firepower of the Clan invaders, the Steiner military wanted a light, fast 'Mech with superior long-range firepower. Many design firms offered plans featuring LRM racks and PPCs, but the contract went to Coventry Metal Works. Their design, tagged the BZK-F3 Hollander, eliminated the heat buildup from PPCs and the danger of ammo explosion inherent in LRMs by mounting the massive Poland Gauss cannon in the 'Mechs right torso. This unorthodox design would provide unprecedented firepower in a light 'Mech, enough to take down other light 'Mechs in one shot. Although a marvel in design, many Mechwarriors have been dissatisfied with the Hollander's lack of a secondary weapon and armor coverage. Enter the Hollander II: ten tons heavier than the original Hollander, this enhanced model features stronger armor and 2 medium lasers for backup, in case the Gauss cannon runs out of ammo.

Source: Technical Readout 3055 / MW4 Mechlab
1 Gauss cannon
2 Medium Laser