Gladiator (95t)
Model by Primus

""What weighs ninety-five tons, can run at more than 80 kilometers per hour, can jump 120 meters and carries a Gauss rifle?".
"I don't know, but I'm getting out of here!"
This bit of low "MechWarrior humor" accurately reflects the abilities of the Gladiator. Though some Inner Sphere 'Mechs are better armored and others carry more weapons, none can match the Gladiator with a skilled pilot in one-on-one combat. This OmniMech's exceptional maneuverability allows it to position itself better than other large 'Mechs, and its speed lets it swiftly pursue smaller 'Mechs. Such a 'Mech would be a treasure for the dueling warriors on Solaris.

Most Clan MechWarriors who pilot a Gladiator choose the primary configuration because of the exceptional firepower of the Gauss rifle. This weapons combines with the pair of large lasers to deliver harsh punishment to opposing 'Mechs.

Source: Technical Readout 3050 (revised edition)
26,25 tons of pod space availible