Exterminator (65t)
Model by Gordon Hundeby

'Mechs are designed for specialized purposes, such as scouting on a desert planet or headquarters jamming. One of these in the era of specialization is the Exterminator, whose sole function is to target specific command 'Mech and destroy them. After successful field testing and practice exercises, the 'Mech finally went on active status in 2630, and it became popular with 'Mech units because of its sleek appearance and state-of-the-art battle systems. Being assigned to one of the most dangerous specialized missions, the Exterminator is equipped with the latest in ECM and null signature devices. It wa salso the first 'Mech to be equipped with the Chameleon Light Polarization Shield, which greatly reduced its chance of being seen. When not on a mission, Exterminators are assigned directly to a unit's Headquarters Lance, making it a temporary fifth member.

In spite of its extensive abilities, or perhaps because of them, the Exterminator did not survive the First Succession War. The various Successor State armies began to train specialized 'Mech lances to seek out and destroy Exterminators ...

Source: Technical Readout 2750 (revised)
4 Medium Lasers
1 LRM-10 Launcher
1 Small Laser
1 Anti-Missile System