Emperor (90t)
Model by Jason Cortright & Primus

First seen on the Battlefield in 2502, the Emperor was the first BattleMech to use the newly developed XL engine, LB 10-X autocannon, double heat sinks and CASE. At the time of its production, it was also the largest BattleMech to carry jump jets. The Emperor was still in production at the start of the second Succession War, but a Marik raid on the StarCorps plant on Son Hoa ended production of the Emperor in a radioactive cloud. StarCorps recently completed a new plant near the old site and began building new Emperors and Highlanders in the fall of 3057.

Source: Technical Readout 3058
2 LBX-10 Autocannons
2 Large Lasers
2 Medium Pulse Lasers
1 Medium Laser