Cyclops (90t)
Model by Primus

Designed as a heavy assault vehicle for use in assault lances, the Cyclops provided a favorite among headquarters troopes in higher-echelon formations. With its sophisticated holographic battle computer and its planet-wide communications capability, the 'Mech proved higly useful in this role. Except when thy Cyclops is part of an assault lance, tactical doctrine usually places it in the reserve, where it can coordinate and support the overall actions of the other BattleMechs in its command. At regimental level and higher, the commander's Cyclops is usually guarded by a headquarters lance and supporting units. Though individual commanders have occasionally made personal modifications, the present-day Cyclops is virtually identical to the prototype that rolled off the assembly line in 2710.

Source: Technical Readout 3025 (revised edition)
1 Autocannon/20
1 LRM-10
2 Medium Laser
1 SRM-4