Charger (80t)
Model by Primus

The Charger is a distinctive 'Mech. Its heavy chassis is well armored, but virtually unarmed. Its massive power plant moves it at high speed, but occupies an inordinate amount of space. The reason for these paradoxes is the Charger's original production goals. The 'Mech was intended to be a heavy scout that could enter well-defended areas where it might have to take damage yet still be able to withdraw at high speed.

Wells Technologies built the Charger in 2665, combining heavy armor with Magna light lasers. Though the light lasers are incapable of damaging anything but infantry and light armored vehicles, the deficiency was intentional. Is is intended to discourage Charger pilots from engaging in protracted fire-fights, for the Charger's job is to obtain data and do it quickly. Wells Tech built over a thousand Chargers. Though intended as a high-speed recon 'Mech, the Charger's novel approach to recon operations was not successful, and Star League was forced to withdraw it from use.

With the coming of the Succession Wars and the Dark Age of technology, however, the need for 'Mechs pressed the Charger back into service once more. The Charger is used in rear areas and garrison duty on low-tech worlds. Attempts to modify the Charger have met with only limited success (the variant on the images carries two additional shoulder-mounted SRM-6 launchers). The Charger is generally considered a failure, and its use on the battlefield remains extremely limited. The swift, heavily armored but lightly armed 'Mech was an experiment whose time had not come.

Source: Technical Readout 3025
5 Small Laser