Cauldron-Born (65t)
Model by Primus

First seen during the battle of Luthien, this OmniMech soon earned the name Cauldron-Born, after the unstoppable zombies of Irish myth, because of its ability to take immense damage and remain operational.

The Cauldron-Born's arsenal is built around a massive Gauss rifle, which occupies the 'Mech's entire right arm. A dual-purpose autocannon occupies the left arm. The Cauldron-Born carries two tons of ammunition for each of these weapons. An LRM-10 launcher juts above the birdlike ' Mech's left shoulder, while an SRM-2 launcher in an over-and-under mount fills the machine's right breast. A single ER medium laser is the Cauldron-Born's only energy weapon.

So far, only the First Jaguar Guard Cluster appears to use the Cauldron-Born. Because only three machines have been engaged by Inner Sphere warriors, most believe the design is so new that the other Clans have not yet deployed this 'Mech.

Source: Technical Readout 3058
30 tons pod space availible