Blood Kite (85t)
Model by Primus

When Khan Ceana Boques initiated her programs to revitalize a flagging Clan Blood Spirit, her reforms included a new way of looking at 'Mech design. When Clan Coyote introduced the OmniMech in 2854, the Blood Spirits could only field three undersized Galaxies. This shocking lack of equipment meant that a trial of posession for the OmniMech technology would simply be escalated to the point that the Spirits could not afford to participate. Therefore, Khan Boques orderd the scientist caste to reevaluate their 'Mech design procedures. Each new design must answer four points: low cost, survivability, sustained firepower and a maximum effeciency. Though most of these points seemed like common sense, the Blood Spirits had built and fielded many BattleMech designs that violated some or all of them.

After several decades of constructing and perfecting new designs using Khan Ceana's principles, the pride of the scientist caste rolled off the assembly line: the Blood Kite, which faithfully conforms to every single point required by Khan Ceana Boques. Doing away with such expensive equipment and weapons as the extra-light engine, PPCs and rapid-fire autocannons, the Kite employes only extra- light internal structure material in its construction and uses only the lowest-cost weapons. With regard to survivability, the Blood Kite's 85-ton frame mounts the maximum armor protection availible to that weight class. In addition, per standard Clan procedure, all ammunition is protected with CASE. Finally, the Blood Kite's jump jets give it enough maneuverability to survive where other, more cumbersome machines would likely perish.

Three ER large lasers and three LRM 15s, each launcher equipped with excessive amounts of ammo, allow the Blood Kite to hold the field long after most 'Mechs' ammo bins have run dry. A trio of SRM-4 launchers back those weapons up.

The pride and joy of Clan Blood Spirit has been manufactured in large quantities since its debut in the early 30th century. It appears in every Galaxy and almost every Cluster in the Blood Spirits Touman.

Source: Technical Readout 3067
3 ER Large Laser
3 LRM-15 Launchers
3 SRM-4 Launchers