Hauptmann Burkhard Schlömer's career with House Steiner’s military intelligence came to an abrupt halt when his superiors learned about his family's past ties to ComStar. Although on the outside almost fanatically loyal to House Steiner, he was henceforth regarded a security risk, given the state of the Inner Sphere since the Blackout. Unwilling to let a valuable resource go, Schlömer was relegated to Solaris VII, where he fights under the Lynch Stables banner, waiting to be called to service once again where he might prove himself once more.
Points: 19 or 40 (with Sturmgreif) Requirements: H(eavy 'Mech)
Speed: +2 Attack: +1 Defense: +1

Special ability: JACK BE NIMBLE (optional) This unit can be given an assault order to make a close combat attack when it is in base contact with an opposing figure. When this unit is given an assault order, it can move either before or after making a close combat or ranged combat attack. When given an assault order, this unit automatically breaks away; it does not need to roll.

Recruit Costs: 8 (All factions) or 0 (House Steiner)

"Sturmgreif" Cave Lion (75t)
Model by Primus

Chassis: Endo Steel (IS)
Power Plant: 375 GM XL Fusion (IS)
Walking Speed: 54.0 km/h
Maximum Speed: 86.4 km/h
Jump Jets: None
Armor Type: Laser Reflective
1 Clan ER Large Laser
1 Clan Advanced Tactical Missile Launcher-3

Images of the paint master - Final product can vary a bit!
A certain Mech's transport in the streets of Solaris city